How to download music from Spotify

spotify downloader for iphone, tabletThe audience on Spotify Free accounts can stream a track only 5 times without getting asked to pay for it (this limitation begins after 6 months of using the service). Lots of people want to ask that

Can I download music from Spotify in any way?

Technically, you can’t download music from Spotify since there is no downloadable link for each song. In order to achieve that, we could record Spotify music from the sound card when it is playing by using some recording programs. That’s the only way to save streaming music from Spotify while keeping the original quality.


Update: If you have tried some online Spotify downloader, you will find out that the tool doesn’t download anything from Spotify – when you check the script, it simply uses python to scrape YouTube searches for matching tracks. There are many songs can’t find on YouTube.


There are a bunch of recording tools and I tested and Streaming music recorder works as the best one. You can use it to capture and record from Spotify or other streaming services like Pandora and convert Spotify to MP3 files. Another fantastic aspect is automatic labeling and sorting of files (Tags songs with Title, Artist, Album, Genre automatically!).

Get Streaming music recorder here (for Windows users only). If you are a Mac user, you can get the Mac version here.

The above software program is easy to use.  Just hit the recording button before you play the Spotify music and it will do the rest for you. Moreover, you can also make your own ringtone with this tool.

In case you are new to this, you may follow the user guides as below:

How to download Spotify songs/music  (For Windows users)

Online video downloader: AllMyTube

It can record video from YouTube, Hulu,  and other up to 1000 streaming video sites.

Download AllMyTube for Windows       Download AllMyTube for Mac



Support The Artists!

If you like a song you’ve recorded, please BUY THE SONG! This software is not intended to be a replacement for music stores, rather it allows you to listen and make an educated purchase.