We have actually already brought you a how-to overview of start with Spotify (read that first if you don’t know what it is), but now we’re diving a little deeper into the songs streaming software with a look at some tips, tips and tricks that will help you get the most of the service.

Have a read below to see 8 terrific ways to make your Spotify experience smoother, both within the service and through third-party services. And, as constantly, do make certain to let us understand in the comments if there are any terrific Spotify individual prompts you need to share.

1. Advanced Search Options
While you’ll likely discover lots of music you like by searching around Spotify’s click-based system, there will be times you wish to find a specific track and don’t wish to muck around with fuzzy searches or the like. That’s where Spotify’s innovative search choices come into their own.

Simple search terms consist of sticking title:, cd: and artist: at the front of a text-based search query to limit lead to those 3 industries, however you can further improve searches for a more targeted outcome.

If you desired a quick trip down memory lane, you might browse year:1999 to raise tracks tagged with that particular year. Similarly, you can browse a range of years through year:1999 -2004. You can follow the exact same logic to search by category, so genre: blues will offer you up a huge range of blues tracks in a jiffy.

This gets advanced when you integrate those terms to get a smaller sized listing of results, ideally containing just what it was you were looking for. State you just like the old Fleetwood Mac.

2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts
Those of you proficient in the methods of keyboard shortcuts will be pleased to keep in mind that Spotify has a lot that will have you control-clicking rapidly around the software in no time at all. While some coincide as you’re currently made use of to (e.g cut is control-x or command-x, and paste coincides with v), below are a few of the major shortcuts we’ve discovered helpful, for both Windows PCs and Macs.

3. View All Versions of a Track
Spotify reveals a little circular sign with an arrow below a line when there is more than one version of a specific tune. This attribute can be helpful if you have actually discovered the right tune, but the wrong version.

As an example, state you search for Bob Dylan’s Lady From The North Country but it’s not the version you wanted with Johnny Cash money. If you click the sign, Spotify will display that variation too, as well as any others it might have in its data source.

This feature is not perfect– it didn’t group Gary Numan’s remastered variation of Automobiles in with the various other versions, for example– but is usually a handy way of finding alternative, acoustic, live, or radio edit versions of tunes.

4. Enable Last. fm Scrobbling
This one’s not rocket science, however it is an attribute that’s not precisely promoted so we thought it deserving of mention. Similar to other music software, like iTunes, et al., Spotify can scrobble the songs you are using Spotify to Last. fm (i.e. send it to your Last. fm profile).

It’s super-simple to allow this link-up. Just go to the edit menu from the top-right menu bar, click preferences, scroll down three or so choices and you’ll see a Last. fm box. If you enter your Last. fm username and password and examine the “Enable scrobbling to Last. fm” button, it will do just that.


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