Smartphones are utilized proportionally more for purchases in Britain than any place else around the world, and the growth in mobile phone advertising spending will certainly help drive digital advertising, based on a report released today by eMarketer.

Companies will devote in advertisements for mobile phone screen formats as consumers take more time on their phones, with mobile likely to overtake fixed internet by 2014, based on consultancy IDATE.

Other main technology companies, like Google, Facebook and Twitter, have also spent significantly in enhancing their mobile platforms.

Oli Roxburgh, Managing Director of Mobile 5, a mobile creative agency stated: “Not just have we observed an explosion in mobile advertising but we’ve seen many International brands switching to us for mobile specific creative.

“It’s not about more advertisements, it’s most likely about the sophistication and quality of them, due to the fact of the booming smart phone and tablet sales and the functions that you could now include within the adverts and the sophistication they could have.

“The using GPS, the use of touch, the use of the accelerometer is many of these things haven’t been feasible in any other medium but you could now make use of them within your mobile advertising.”

Forecasts from eMarketer indicate that digital advertising spending will increase 12 per cent from 2012 to 2013, achieving 6.1bn this year. And the growth is predicted to continue further, rising to 7bn by 2015 and 8bn by 2017.

Search is expected to make up half of investments in mobile and online marketing by 2016, while screen and digital advertising cost is growing.