Spotify has already been in a lower than enviable position, getting itself facing Google in the suddenly hot music streaming conflicts. And currently Amazon’s engaging in the mix, based on rumor.

There is nothing evidently formal yet, but Amazon is presumably doing research:

Details are few and the talks have been referred to as very informal, the sources said. But to date, what Amazon indicates an curiosity in is an on-demand program that sounds pretty much like Spotify, generally considered the sector leader. Other people in the field consist of Rdio and Rhapsody, but Google and Apple will also be focusing on their own projects.

Google, Apple, and Amazon are virtually the harbingers of death for an industry they choose to come in. Among the three of them, they’ve had a hook on the majority of the world’s consumers. Additionally, they are actually, as opposed to the impartial music streaming companies, profitable entities who can manage to eat the royalty costs.

While it;s simply a gossip, it fits with Amazon’s intense strategy when looking at music: Whether it’s AutoRip returning every bad CD you purchased in college or considering bringing the idea of selling used music to MP3s. And Amazon already offers Cloud Player and some other useful tools to make this a reality.