A kind of greatest hits choice of DiS’ Spotify playlists. We’ve compiled these to show off their new play button feature, however primarily to give you one page to bookmark (and share) for hours upon hours of listening.

I want to compile playlists . I acquire help to distil (if you pardon the pun) what DiS currently loves, in addition to providing a guide into the depths of the music that excites us, as individuals, as writers and as a broader community.

In first using it, a long time ago, Spotify felt like the first support since Napster and Audiogalaxy that really encouraged the kind of search for music that one upon a time would just have been possible should you be hideously rich. The ability to flick and dip and meander through music on the program is wonderful, but the opportunity to sit back and play music that has been created by fellow music geeks/human beings, often beneath the umbrella of a vague theme, has usually been something I’ve loved about the program. You could declare it’s The Internet at its best, you could say it The New Radio and/or the Evolution of the Mixtape, or you might just tell me to shut up, and embed some playlists currently!

Therefore here goes, this is a choice of playlists I’ve compiled recently, and some from through the years.many of them were gathered with the help of the DiS community on our boards, our Facebook and my Twitter – thank you one and all!