After months of accumulation, on Wednesday Google announced a new, subscription-based streaming music service called Google Play Songs All Gain access to. The name might be clunky, but the providings appear abundant.

Google secured take care of 3 of the four significant record labels– Universal Music, Sony, and Detector Music Group of people. Fortune reported in March on the Detector deal, and the plans from YouTube to launch a similar streaming service. Google Play Music All Access is, as its name suggests, built atop Google Play for Android, which previously existed as a digital locker for songs. All Access merges individuals’ present Play collections with access to millions of additional songs, for $9.99 a month.

This is an extremely disruptive move, computed to strike at the heart of Pandora, presently the largest digital music service in the United States with 52m energetic listeners according to its last set of monetary lead to May.

70 % of Pandora’s listening is on mobile devices, but now it will face its most potentially-threatening rival yet through Spotify. Potentially, because it’s unclear the number of Spotify users there are in the United States already.

Pandora is likewise under attack from radio giant Clear Network’s iHeartRadio service, which blends streams of standard stations with personal radio features, and signed up 10m individuals in the 8 months following its relaunch in July 2011.

Analysts have actually likewise been recommending that Songza, whose iPad app has generated 1.15 m downloads in the 10 days because it introduced, can likewise cannibalise Pandora’s business.

A standalone, cost-free radio app can likewise drive Spotify’s company in the US, however– providing a brand-new funnel of potential consumers to upsell to its premium on-demand service. Exactly what about the remainder of the world, though?