Spotify will launch the Pink Floyd catalogue when 1 million people have performed “Wish You Were Here”.

The company made the guarantee on its Twitter stream, stating that when it strikes that magic number it will roll out the legendary space rock band’s entire output on its support.

1 million plays is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, but Pink Floyd’s audience is not to be undervalued. The band’s tunes happen to be on other providers such as Apple’s iTunes and the US based Pandora.

The band hasn’t always got a great connection with digital music channels, although, and in 2010 it takes a content off iTunes and Amazon.
Pink Floyd is an album band instead of singles band, and has not been especially interested in having its records cut up track by track and sold off piecemeal.

3 years ago after a contract with music distributor EMI ran out, the band took down its content.
It is back again now, and you could download tunes and albums from Pink Floyd on iTunes and Amazon. People that prefer to graze on music and consume it at their own whim might would rather stream it.

Spotify has not stated the number of plays the song has, but it’s a great one. Other Pink Floyd albums include “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”, “The Wall” and “Dark Side of the Moon”.